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27th May 2012

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A pleasant working environment is important, no matter what your line of work; I’m sure a groundsman would rather work in the impeccable, beautiful gardens of an old manor house than the car park and smoking shelter of a pitch & putt.

Similarly, in a creative industry I think it is important to work in an environment that reflects that. When I was at Outside The Box, located in a huge old house in Headingley, it was a great environment to be creative. There were print-outs, doodles and examples of our own work on the walls; the rooms were brightly coloured and well-lit with huge windows; there was a ping-pong table and a photo studio in the cellar.

The offices at Cloudspotting are modern and open plan so we can all yell at each other for coffees, we play our own music loudly through the day and we’re in a fantastic city-centre location – but we’re surrounded by grey carpet and magnolia walls.

Walls as a blank canvas

This last few weeks, a few of us have been looking at different ideas to spruce the place us. We’ve talked about different colour paints or custom wallpaper for a feature wall. We’ve looked at brick-wallpaper and chalkboard paint. We’ve even looked at using elements of our new website around the skirting board just to add colour.

What does your office have that’s a bit different?

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