After slamming straight into my 30’s in late 2013, I started to think more about what I wanted to do in life. I’ve borrowed an idea from Steve Kamb, founder of Nerd Fitness – the Epic Quest.

The Quest Begins

The epic quest idea is basically a bucket list; first create a starting list of things to achieve over the next few years. With each item crossed off, advance 20% toward the next ‘level’. I’ll be adding things to the list as I go along, as well as (hopefully) crossing plenty off. Writing them here keeps me accountable – a surprising number of people ask how different goals are going so I keep aiming for them!

I’ve done plenty with my life so far, including travelling around the world, swimming with seals in Australia, finishing a food challenge and working on a sci-fi B-movie about a transvestite superhero. But there’s always more that I want to do, so I’ll be tracking it here.

Current Level: 4 (80% progress to level 5)


Level 5 – Master Quest (worth 100% exp.)

  • Get married – 04/09/2021

Level 4

  • Set up a YouTube channel – 27/09/2019
  • Stream a game on Twitch – 30/09/2018
  • Take a dog-friendly weekend break – 20/10/2017
  • See Radiohead live in concert  – 04/07/2017
  • See The Cure live in concert – 29/11/2016

Level 3

  • Complete a woodworking project –26/05/2016
  • Buy a brand new car – 25/04/2016
  • Rebuild this website – 05/01/2016
  • See KISS live in concert – 14/06/2015
  • Bake a really good homemade loaf – 11/01/2015

Level 2 – Master Quest (worth 100% exp.)

  • Own a house – 30/06/2015

Level 1

  • Create a silly side-project – 28/05/2015
  • Take part in an organised 5km running event – 22/11/2014
  • See The Hold Steady live in concert – 07/05/2014
  • Go for a fancy afternoon tea – 16/03/2014
  • Bake a homemade loaf – 21/11/2013

Personal side-quests

  • Take part in a 10km event
  • Travel fully around the world again
  • Make a wearable, fitted hit – knitting or crochet
  • GM a tabletop game for some friends
  • See AC/DC live in concert
  • Take a martial arts class
  • Hire a classic Volkswagen Beetle
  • Take a Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) motorcycle course
  • Build something from wood
  • Get marriedCompleted: 04/09/2021
  • Set up a YouTube channelCompleted: 27/09/2019
  • Stream a game on TwitchCompleted: 30/09/2018
  • See Radiohead live in concertCompleted: 04/07/2017
  • See The Cure live in concert Completed: 29/11/2016
  • Rebuild this websiteCompleted: 05/01/2016
  • Own a houseCompleted: 30/06/2015
  • See KISS live in concertCompleted: 14/06/2015
  • Bake a really good homemade loafCompleted – 11/01/2015
  • Take part in a 5km running event – Completed: 22/11/2014
  • See The Hold Steady live in concertCompleted: 07/05/2014
  • Bake a homemade loafCompleted: 21/11/2013

Professional side-quests

  • Launch my own business
  • Create a side-project
  • Make my own front-end framework (for either personal use or general release)
  • Complete Codecademy JavaScript track
  • Create a silly side-projectCompleted: 28/05/2015

Thieves Guild side-quests

  • Blag an upgrade (flight, hotel, train, meal, whatever)
  • Fly first-class
  • Stay in a five-star hotel
  • Test drive a ridiculous car
  • Buy a brand new car – Completed: 25/04/2016

Confederate Zone (United States)

  • Drive Route 66
  • Check out the view from the top of the Statue of Liberty, New York City
  • See a Broadway show in New York City
  • Go to an NBA game
  • Eat at Musso & Frank Grill, Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles

Ancient Zone (Europe)

  • Have a Scandinavian Christmas
  • See the Northern Lights / Aurora Borealis
  • Stay in a city apartment, Paris, France
  • Visit a Christmas Market in Germany
  • Go to the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France

Meadows Zone (UK)

  • See a big theatre production
  • Walk the Three Peaks
  • Go on a seaside break in autumn/winter
  • Take a dog-friendly weekend break – Completed: 20/10/2017
  • Go for a fancy afternoon tea – Completed: 16/03/2014 at Craiglands Hotel, Ilkley

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