Major changes coming to Twitter search?

29th July 2012

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Change is coming for search on Twitter - it may even be here already!

In a tweet a few days ago (5th July), Twitter engineering manager Pankaj Gupta mentioned that the way users are able to search the site is about to change.

Search & discovery in @twitter set to change forever after tmrw. Team - congrats and enjoy the enormity of ur impact few understand today!

Currently, searching on Twitter yields generally poor results and only from recent tweets. You’re unable to narrow the search down, for example searching only your own followers, or a specific list you’ve made. Additionally, anything beyond a few weeks old simply isn’t included.

As of today, July 9th, I’ve yet to see any difference. Perhaps they’re in beta at the moment but I’m interested to see what they’ll be. Twitter have, of course, taken massive strides in recent years; their Connect tab has made using the site so much easier and more intuitive, and the Discover tab collates posts and links that it thinks I’ll be interested in. If they’re rolling out another new change, I’m all for it!

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