Friday Round-Up #005

18th December 2015

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It’s that special time of year again. The time when families come together, sullen friends put silly arguments aside and shelves fill with gifts and goodies galore. It is, of course, New Star Wars Movie Season. Surely there is no better time to take a look at some of the flotsam and jetsam of the Internet.

Force Block

If, like me, you are militantly against spoilers, teasers and hints of any kind for the new Star Wars movie, then look no further. Using smart pattern detection, the Force Block plugin for Chrome checks webpages for potential Star Wars spoilers and warns you before it’s too late. You can choose to ignore them and absolutely ruin your own Christmas, but that’s your own fault.


Made by Jason Chen and Jesse Chase, FontReach scans to the top million websites and lets you know which fonts are the most popular. If you’re curious to know whether your choice of Francois One is following the trend or setting it, then FontReach has got your back. On top of that, this simple site is really beautiful, with smart font choices and lovely colour combinations.

CoDrops Playground

The CoDrops website is a cornucopia of examples, demos and experiments that push the boundaries of modern browsers. Brazil’s Lucas Bebber has recently added his Animated Map Path for Interactive Storytelling, which makes very clever use of SVG paths to create a map as a user scrolls down the screen. The demo is well worth a look, even if you don’t read the accompanying article (although you should).

Agency Christmas Cards

Finally, because I should acknowledge Christmas, here are some great agency Christmas ideas from recent years:

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