Friday Round-Up #004

10th October 2014

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Hot darn, it’s been a while since I did one of these. I’m going to indulge in some shameless self-promotion before getting into the actual reading list properly, by first mentioning a few of my projects that went live recently!

First is the new MYA website, which came with a super-tight deadline but the client absolutely loves it! An interesting project to work on, with a lot different types of content all related to each other.


The Plumbee website has also been launched, and it was a really fun one to build (as you can probably tell from that awesome design). Some really nice flourishes and extras in there.


Stuff I thought was interesting

Of course it wouldn’t be a Round-Up without a list of stuff, so here’s that:

  • Cookie Monster takes over the internet with OmNomNomify, a funny bookmarklet that lets you unleash C.M. on any website you like.
  • Sticking with bookmarklets, Twitter Conversation Visualisation – a new tool from Paul Butler – shows the flow of your Twitter conversations and replies. Interesting stuff (if you have a busy enough timeline).
  • With LG’s new G Watch R we’ll soon finally have a smart-watch that looks like a watch. So many others so far, including the Apple Watch, look gimmicky or like flashy gadgets. The G Watch R actually looks like a watch.
  • If Fin Tech’s upcoming Plastc card takes off, they we may never need a wallet again. Apart from for the bus, parking, buying a coffee from the awesome Bare Coffee etc. In fairness, you could do away with all your other cards and it does look pretty cool, if it works.
  • Finally, my mate Sam Hannan is currently away on the trip of a lifetime (the swine) and updating his blog when he gets time. Worth flicking through to give yourself the travel bug and a reason to jet off overseas!

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